Tiny house A 1000 REASONS

Today Noah and I made the trek to the big city to see his Cardiologist. Everything was GREAT ! If you hadn’t read my previous post Noah had heart surgery August 22.

Noah’s not a big fan of doctors offices or being touched a lot but Rochielle has some kind of ultrasound tech magic touch and its always a good experience for us.
After the doctors appointment we stopped at a church thrift store on our way home. There was an elderly man outside the store, with dirty clothes, unshaven with his bag beside him. He was sitting contently under a tree in front of the store entrance in what looked like a yoga stance. His eyes were closed, his hands clasped together over his head. His face was tan and leathery but he had the sweetest most peaceful smile on his face. How could you not just LOVE him ?
This isn’t him but looks just like him ! I thought all the way home about him.

There are so many reasons I am writing this Blog. There are so many things that need to be said. I will try to keep my focus on my main objectives. What life is like living in a tiny house with my little boy who has autism and the journey that brought us here as well as our journey into the future. MORE THAN ANYTHING I want to share our experience, my drive to climb out of the clutches of poverty and WHAT drove me and still drives me. Like any parent I fight to give my son the best life I can but its not just that . Its something SO MUCH BIGGER ! I have worked as a behavioral specialist for 20 years, part of my work included working in shelters all over the state. As I mentioned in previous posts working with a demographic of individuals is completely different than being part of that group of people. Living in a shelter with my son was worlds away from working at a shelter. As a professional I was taught early on how to maintain professional boundaries, I was taught the “thems” and the USes” BUT I am here to tell you its a BIG wake up call when YOU become one of the “THEMS”.  In the state of Maine the median income is 53,000, in my county its 40,000 with the majority of the community living well below the poverty guideline. I work at a community action agency within my community and for the first time I am seeing the hidden poor, the poor you don’t see or know about. The elderly living in homes with little more than dirt floors, people that live in very rural areas with no working vehicle. In the last 6 months in this position I have seen things I never new existed, things I would like to unsee. Within that I am inspired by these very same people as they welcome me into there homes though often time afraid as they tell me their stories. These people are STRONG they are surviving in ways I never thought possible. So how do we even the odds for them ? For me its just to start some where and that place is this blog. Through this it is my BIG DREAM to build as many of these STRONG, hard working people a home as I can, a TINY home, a home that will be warm and efficient, a home where they can not be ashamed to have company over and won’t cost them every dime they have to their name plus more to heat, a home with running water and working septic. A TINY HOME !! REALLY is that so much to ask ?  I don’t know where or how but what I do know is I have started.

DO YOU have ideas ? How to make this happen ? Start here by sharing your thoughts/ideas

See ya’ll tomorrow !!


I WANT IT ALL ! The TINY house storage story >

So my guess is every single one of you have said to yourselves. HMMMM Where does she put everything ? Well here is the done low on that. I spent the better half of the last 10 or so years collecting tiny house storage ideas, now I’m in my Tiny house I have realized that a LOT of them look good but aren’t very functional. Like floor storage for example, it looks cool, seems like a good idea until your STANDING on the floor in a TINY house that is suppose to have storage IN it. NOPE not for this girl. Vertical storage is ok to a point but once you go beyond that point you feel like your living in a tiny matrix, so light on the vertical storage. So what does that leave ? Right now for me two things.  We have 10 outfits a piece for each season. Out of season cloths will go in secure top tubs and be stored in the house this year. Next year maybe I will have a tiny storage shed. That means having clothes that are versatile. My work requires I have office casual attire so I have cloths that can be spiced up with a scarf and a few pieces of jewelry or worn with a sweatshirt on the weekends plus a dirty work outfit. Noahs outfits were easy, he only wears jogging pants/shorts, Tshirts and many other variations of soft stretchy clothing EASY. Here is my cloths storage at the moment.

In the baskets you see along the wall are ALL mine and Noah’s cloths the big baskets are shirts in one and pants in the other, the smaller baskets are for socks and unmentionables . Though the baskets are cute this is temporary until I feel confident in watching enough YouTube videos to attempt to build a storage unit under the couch. It will look something like this.
Only I will take the legs off my couch and sit the couch on top of a storage unit. That will free up space behind the couch and make that space look and feel more open.
I will also build in storage in the between beams of the under the loft, over the living room space for smaller items.
As for kitchen and bathroom storage I am working on a few ideas, I will get back to you on those.
If you have storage ideas or hacks you would like to share be sure to post in the comments.
Big day tomorrow ! We are off to the cardiologist for our first follow up after little misters heart surgery a few weeks ago . The BIG plan is to visit his FAVORITE Walmart Yes Kiddo has a favorite Walmart !!!
Thanks again for ALL your support !! We have literally THOUSANDS of views from all over the WORLD in just the 2 weeks Tiny House On The Spectrum has been live !!! The goal is to gain enough support to build a tiny house community !! Don’t miss a minute of this EXCITING JOURNEY !!
                                             See you all tomorrow !!!

HOW DO I GET A TINY HOUSE YOU ASK ? Pst I got a secret !

The all time TOP comments I get are “OMG !! I WANT A TINY HOUSE SOOOO BAD ! ” and the second TOP is this question ” HOW DO I GET A TINY HOUSE ?”

WELL Lets start the conversation then. FIRST of all TINY means something different to different people. My tiny means 200 sqft, to someone else it 200 sqft isn’t “really” a tiny house, if your going to be hard core you have to be under 150 sqft. Others cant stretch out in 300 sqft , and still there are some that consider 500 sqft a closet space. Listen there are no hard set rules to what is tiny to you. For me when I thought tiny the first thing I thought long and hard about is what do I REALLY NEED. I need low or no utility bills, I need no mortgage, but I also need a washing machine a bathtub and full size appliances. 200 sqft fit the bill. Someone else might be fine with a tiny fridge, a toaster oven and living in 100 sqft. Others may need say a Jacuzzi and need 500 sqft.

My Tiny house had a life before me. It was a barn/shed something like this.

It was bought used and gutted by Jay last fall and he installed all the basics. The used shed was only a few thousand dollars. BUT for about a thousand dollars, some reclaimed materials and some elbow grease you could start here.

Don’t be scared, yes it is a lot of work but with that said its not all rocket science .
Or you could do I do. I watch YouTube. This guy seems to know what he’s doing.
The other thing you can do is go to one of those Rent to own shed lots and buy one over time and finish it yourself or pay to have some one to do it for you.
Well neither did I. I lease a lot for 200 a month, it includes water and sewage. Be creative, explore trailer parks, RV parks, a family members back yard, remember these Tiny houses can be moved relatively cheep on a flat bed even if you don’t have wheels. AND you know I will sit my butt right here while I finish paying off my Tiny House and saving up for my own property! Like I said NO MORGAGE is the goal !! You may want to check your local regulations before investing, you may even consider moving to a town that is more flexible. In the end the question is “what are you willing to do to have the freedom of home ownership and start from there.
This is just the beginning of the thousands of ways to have a tiny house, really your are only limited to your imagination. I have only touched on this subject tonight but I will come back to it soon, and hopefully with an interview with someone who builds tiny houses !!
Stay tuned, stay tiny DREAM BIG !!

Rails, Nails and WHATS THAT GUNK ??

Can everybody say IT’S MONDAY !?!?!?! What a Monday it is ! Well to start out it was Noah’s first day at his new childcare. Now Noah’s not to partial to the first of anything . Up until now my close friend Wendy was the only one to EVER watch Noah and he was just fine with that. About 2 months ago Wendy broke the news, she’s moving. I tried to entice her stay everyway I knew how, tried to bribe her, blackmail her even considered kidnapping her 10 year old Dachshund and holding him for ransom but nothing worked, Really I am grateful for the time she spent with Noah and her love and patience. So today was the first day and guess what ! HE NAILED IT !! BUT He must have held it in all day because 10 minutes after he got home he was a HOT MESS !

This a forget everything everywhere and chase my tail around kind of day, at some point I just decided to roll with it and do it anyway !

We ALMOST got the rails done

Still a little more left to do but considering little Mister was spinning around in circles at the bottom of Jays ladder, I commend him for getting this done as much as he did. He finally gave in and got down and played the kiddo silly. In the commotion Jay had lost his glasses.
Then the on going mystery of the nondrying cement sealer. I figured that since now I had my washer all hooked up ready to go I should probably try to use it . Then for some mysterious reason it spent over an hour filling. When I went to investigate I found I had another problem as well.
Yes that is my washer drain hose( next project). My washer is draining instead of filling all the way, who knows why. Then the cement sealer that was SUPPOSE to dry completely in 3 hours, 3 days later turned to gunk when exposed to water !!!
                             OOOH AND DID ANYONE SAY SLEEP !!!??? I spent half the night looking down from the loft checking in on little mister, I finally gave up and laid down with him YAAAAWN !!
                 We I’m outa here tonight but tomorrow we are back in business !!
                                         Noah ? Well he’s always in business

Edit: Woke up this morning and figured I should reread my post, I was EXHASTED last night ! Well as you can see I did some edits and probably missed a few !

                                                     I did find Jays glasses !! 





SWINGING from the Rafters ! Hiding from the Grinch !!

Whewhoo !!! Got some stuff done today !! Boy OH BOY does a GOOD Sunday sermon get me pumped !! Some good OLE country preaching can put a shine on just about any day. AND let me tell you, I was feeling a bit tired today, this blessed life of mine has been a lot of work lately !

Now I know the big plan was to get some stuff done outside but as I putted along picking up stuff and tidying up the yard my back said ENOUGH is ENOUGH .

Still looking pretty CUTE out here 🙂


To be honest with you that super cool wrap around couch in my living room does pull out into a quite comfy little bed but its not MY BED!
I’m not getting any younger and my body is rather particular to my memory foam mattress SO off I went back into the house to stare at my loft. As you ALL know I have been struggling with the placement of the stairs/ladder. Well I finally caved in and though this may not be the finally resting place of the route my loft it IS going to get me to MY BED !

                                                        Ok their not so bad right ?

My next task was to build some railings so I don’t break my neck trying to appease my back. I saw all kinds of ideas on YouTube but again I am going to be honest with ya, those handy guys with all their fancy tools giving all their instructions kind of sounds like a bunch of gibberish to me. So off  I go outside with my hand saw and screw gun figuring I would just wing it and hope for the best. I’m sawing away and Noah is running in and out of the house, saying something about the Grinch. So I got my wood all cut up and forgot the screws. Mean while Noahs sitting on the steps with his chin in his hand looking like that statue “the thinker “, as I walked pasted him he said “I wouldn’t go in there”, of course I’m thinking “UH  OH ! ” I went to turn the door knob and that’s when I realized Noah had locked us out !! I looked back at Noah and said “WHY BUDDY ? ” ” I locked him out ” he responded. WHO ? Oh ya THE DAMN GRINCH ! UHG ! So of course you all know who I called ! JAY ! No answer UHG ! So we both sat on the steps as I tried to figure out how to get the air conditioner out of the window, thing weighs as much as a COW ! We sat there about 20 minutes or so and guess WHO comes driving in JAY !!! YEAH !!! He gets out of his car and takes one look at my half finished railings and says” whatcha doing ? ” building railings, I said proudly. Jay shakes his head, I think he kind of smiled a bit as he loaded my half finished project in to his car. “I’ll be back in a bit” he said as he drove off. Oh yes and he did get my door open again.


These puppy’s are going up tomorrow night after work. JAY saves the day again !! Thank you Jay !!
The moral of the story is, there are still good people let in this world. AND I’m sleeping in MY OWN BED TONIGHT !!

GOOD NIGHT ALL ! Pictures of the installed railings tomorrow !!!


Shower Curtains, CEMENT and the Farmer and the Bell.

Woke up to a beautiful crisp fall morning. Popped a HEALTHY banana, pecan, chocolate chip banana bread in the oven and made a pot of hazelnut coffee. Soon I was sitting cozy on my little porch in my chair with my fuzzy blanket and a steaming cup of the delicious brew. WOW do I love FALL ! Noah stayed warm under the blankets with his tablet intently watching a bigfoot documentary like he was just seeing it for the first time (in all actuality he knows the script verbatim).  I wrote my list of everything we needed for todays projects, threw sweat pants and sweat shirts on both of us, grabbed us a slice of warm bread and of we went chocolatey fingers and all.

Gluten free/ sugar free /Banana/Pecan/Chocolate Chip Bread


First stop was to grab my friend Wendy. She need a ride to the vet my big plan was hold her hostage for the morning so   A. I could talk to another adult. B. Get a few laughs (shes hysterically funny) and C. have and extra hand with Noah so do some things.
                                       After the vet our first stop was at the farmers market.
For a small farmers market, we scored BIG time ! I dragged back a huge bag of ORGANIC vegetables and a bottle of lemon ginger kombucha for 6 BUCKS !! YEAH ME !!
After we hit the BEST thrift store in the area. The place is HUGE with several small rooms, they even have a Christmas room. I was there looking for curtains. That’s right, I threw in the towel on the whole Roman shades idea, I caved ! I’m WEAK ! But just wait until you see the curtains !
St. Sebastian’s Thrift store
I was hoping to get some more pictures but honestly I knew I had about 10 minutes to find curtains before Noah would HAVE to go to the toy room( that was the blackmail) and my shopping trip would be over. This picture was just the cloth section !
We got home and I threw together a crockpot of Italian wedding soup LOADED with the veggies from the farmers market.
                                                             Italian Wedding Soup
Project time !
While I was at St, Sebastian’s I also found the cutest shower hooks and considering one of my projects today was to install a homemade/custom made/ Rebecca fly by the seat of her pants made shower rod and curtain they were an awesome find ! First, I just want you all to know it is next to impossible to find a small hoop shower rod ANYWHERE and if you do it cost over 100 BUCKS ! NOPE ! I got this ! I pulled the hoop out of Noah’s neglected trampoline and WALLA! A shower ROD !! SCORE ! Now the problem was how to get it to hang from the ceiling, So I sat on my toilet and looked at it and thought and thought and thought !! Finally I HAD IT ! I dug through my box of stuff under the sink and pulled out some hooks, then I taped the hoop to the ceiling and screwed the hooks down, then dropped the hoop in to the bend on each hook and SHAZZAM !! A shower rod !!
Check this out !
Don’t you just LOVE the shower hooks ?!?!?!
                          On top of it all I found this chair !!! Isnt it stinking cute ???!!! 10 BUCKS !!
                                                                  There was a hitch
Yup ! That’s my foot print ! Before I left this morning I slapped  a coat cement sealer on the floor of my little tub. The directions SAID it could handle traffic after 4 hours, so after 8 hours I stepped in to the tub to hand up my shower curtain and GUESS WHAT ! Oh well, we will cross that bridge tomorrow.
            AND if life just couldn’t get any better, I told you I found the PERFECT curtains
Thinking I will be in the yard tomorrow working on some projects out there !!
Pictures too come !!
Thanks for stopping by ! See you all tomorrow !


Design and Friday Evening For Single Autism Mom.

Autism mom… some people think we wear it like a badge of strength or maybe we are looking for sympathy or attention , most people get tired of talking about autism EVERY time they see us. It was a bit fascinating at first but COME ON lady get a life ! Let me tell you a little bit about why we talk about our child’s autism ALL the time. Because we live it ALL the time. Are we complaining ? Nope. Are we asking for sympathy ? Nope.
Our lives are isolating and often times we are the only ones left… everyone else walked away from our beautiful children or live some where on the out skirts of our lives, send us a message on facebook or an email here and there.
You won’t see us out much as we don’t have a sitter. When we do go to social functions without childcare we usually leave early so our child wont cause disruption or we can no longer subject them to all the painful stimuli that comes with so many faces and noises and transitions. If there is childcare we are asked to stay with our child as they don’t feel “qualified” to watch them (which may be true). Our social interaction often means we have to manage kiddos behavior, our own reaction all while educating others at the same time….honestly its just a lot of work, so we just hang out and except our relationships are internet based, oh and write blogs (at least I do)Oh yes and dating ???? HAHAHHA ! NOPE !
A tiny house works for us, really we don’t get much company. So when I( or another Autism parent) talk to you at nauseam about my/their child’s autism know that I truly am grateful for this beautiful child of mine and as challenging it as it is for me , its even harder for him ! I just miss everyone else…

Speaking of design, anyone got any design ideas for stairs to this loft ?

Thank you all for stopping by ! I will be back tomorrow and its Saturday so I will post pictures of tomorrows project !!



Most people who know me know that I’m a devote Christian. Its no secret. I have a deep relationship with God for lots of reasons, that is part of MY story and though I would be ABSOLUTELY happy to share with you Jesus is a gentleman, he does not push himself on anyone, neither will I. With that said when I talk about my tiny house community I get teased( mostly in good fun). I mean EVEN Christians like tiny houses RIGHT ?

So let get down and dirty and talk about the fun stuff !! Tiny house communities !

When people think about tiny house communities often they think of something like this

They are cute but not for me, seriously, could you imagine Noah and I in one of those ?
I can tell you is would not end well (probably for me)
These are kind of cute
I like the colors and even the design but we live in MAINE, we don’t like to look at each other all the time up here, how about some elbow room !
I was thinking something like this
Aaaaah the fresh air, the smell of pine needles !


                       Yup ! That’s what I’m thinking when I think tiny house community, I think of these.
Where are the neighbors you ask ? Well of course they are there. They are just not shoved up my “need my space” Maine BUTT !
   In my minds eye I am walking through this tiny house community that has private gardens and community gardens, it has a large community space that everyone has access to or not. If you like to be communal you can, If not you don’t have to be and I’m not going to get whacked in the mouth when you get up and stretch in the morning. When you have a tiny house you (or at least I ) need a big outside, and face it us Maina’s are a private breed of people. The deal is to be able to achieve the dream of home ownership with out paying for that choice for the rest of your life. To be able to own your own home EVEN if you live on a fixed income or a blue collar pay check. AND for all you rich people who want to have a small foot print on this planet COME ON OVER !!
Tomorrow I want to talk design !! Feel free to share your ideas, inspirations or just to stop by and yak !!
                             Come on back ! I will be here tomorrow night



Zucchini, Walnut,Blueberry bread and the loft chronicals

We now we are almost done with the bathroom (minus sealing the concrete in tub, the drainage for the washer and some trim) I’m on to bigger things like the LOFTS.
The lofts are super cool and very doable, and they have a surprising amount of room in them. I can actually sit straight up in my King size bed in my loft (if I’m in the middle) ! Check them out !

This is my loft before I moved my bed and a bunch of stuff into it. The picture was taken from the floor so its hard to see how much room there really is. Its actually 4 feet from floor to the tallest part of the ceiling, plus my KING size bed fits in there with a few feet on either side and at the foot.
So the loft isn’t the dilemma, its where to put the stairs/ladder. Right now I have a ladder that pulls down from the floor. The only problem with that is when its down I can’t pull out the hide away bed in the couch which means NO SPARE BEDROOM. Ive moved the ladder three times trying to figure this out. At first my plan was to build stairs with storage against the wall. After putting my ladder against the wall I realize there wasn’t enough head space to climb into the loft safely. Both Jay and I PLUS are at a loss for a solution that I am happy with, So I enlisted some help.
Say HI to Julie and Bobby. Julie is a close friend of mine and Bobby is her husband. Bobby is also a carpenter but not just any carpenter he has actually built and houses for some BIG celebrities ! I am SO SIKED !! They came over last night and Bobby sized the place up, took some measurements and said he would let me know what he could design for me ! ARE THERE SPIRAL STAIRS IN OUR FUTURE ? We will see 🙂
Noahs Loft
Noah’s loft is a lot deeper than this looks as it goes over the bathroom and extends over the porch. My vision is to have it be a tree house type theme. Again the loft rocks, the stairs..well a bit of a problem.
My plan is to build a set of stairs into this wall beside the bathroom door. They will go over the washing machine and into the loft
Neither Jay or Bobby seemed to impressed with this idea but I’m thinking it will save valuable space that either another ladder or stair case would take.
Zucchini, Walnut, Blueberry bread
As I sat here writing all this in deep thought and contemplation a knock came on the door. I didn’t tell you guys this but I have THE ABSOLUTE BEST  neighbors !!! Countless times I have come home from work to bags of goodies on my front step, fresh zucchini, tomatos, cucumbers YUM !! Well tonight I was here as she came with her gifts PLUS Zucchini, Walnut blueberry bread so I was able to give her a GREAT BIG HUG ! Love me some SWEET people( the bread was amazing to !).
Well that’s all for tonight folks. Feel free to share your thoughts and idea’s ! I look forward to reading from you 🙂
Till tomorrow !!!