Falling On The Spectrum In A Tiny House

I was going to write this last night but I was still feeling a bit like a deer in the headlights. Tonight I still kind of feel like that but what the heck, this is our story about our lives in a tiny house, the path that brought here and our experience with autism . So I am just going to keep this real. Our life for lack of a better word is concentrate. We laugh from our belly and cry from our gut. My goal is not to fluff the truth about our tiny house, our journey or Autism. You all have a front seat to our successes and our failures . Why ? Some people just need to know they aren’t alone, that falling isn’t failure, that messy and success can happen in the same sentence.

So here it goes. A few weeks ago was Noah’s birthday, more than anything he wanted his very own pet. As a lot of you read in Hardware store or Cat food ? and Tiny House BIG PROBLEMS !!  we found Pricilla. She was so perfect for us, she seemed to need us as she was a stray with no family (or so we thought) and Noah was a little boy who desperately wanted her. When she came here she seemed so content, she seemed greatful to have a family but just a few days later we found out that she had an owner and a little family of her own to care for. With a broken hearted boy we brought her back so she could care for her 2 kittens. The owner told us when the kittens got old enough she would gladly give us one, so there was hope still yet for Noah to have a pet. The weeks went buy and the kittens grew bigger and Noah went to pick one out. He was so stinking happy when we was able to finally bring Skittles home.

skittles   This pretty little girl is just as sweet as her mom. We instantly loved her. We got her the best cat food and I went to work showing Noah how to care for her.  He kept saying aaaw mom, she soooo soft as he petted her and petted her. As the weekend went on I started to realize she was TO soft, Noah was petting her harder and harder , he couldn’t stop, he couldn’t put her down he became increasingly more over stimulated with her presence. I tried setting some limits , even tried hiding her , still realizing he wants to do nothing but love this baby but he just COULDN’T stop… he tried as hard as he could to stop until finally he had put the kitten in the toilet and shut the lid so he couldn’t see her….he tried sooooo hard but after that I had no choice but to bring the kitten to my friends house for her own safety. Noah cried and spun and banged and bit himself and me…it was just to much. The rest of the week seemed to spiraled from there.  Last night Noah was so over stimulated and stressed he stripped down naked and rolled in a mud puddle in front of his peers at daycare…Noah understands to some degree that his behavior is shocking to people, he understood after he was able to settle down last night that his peers might not like him anymore. This morning when I dropped him off at daycare he clung to my leg and cried, his little face red with embarrassment, My heart broke for him. I feel as though I set him up to fail, I felt like an epic failure, I should had known better………… This life we live is often akin to going to the gym, we work out hard and because of that we are strong but every time we try a new routine boy oh boy does it hurt.

On my way home from work today I prayed ” Lord Jesus, its been a long hard week can you please give us just a bit of peace tonight ?” I picked up Noah at daycare and he was calm, not spinning and banging like he was the rest off the week. When we got home, sitting on our porch was this majestic guy.


I shook my head and looked up and smiled. Sometimes we don’t get what we want, we get what we need.

Jay stopped over and stained the skirting around the house, after we sat on the porch and ate eggs and sausage and talked like it was just another day.

Note self(And Noah) : It may be a bad day, maybe even a bad week but its a beautiful life.

See you all tomorrow !!!


Why Go Tiny ?Let Me Tell You !


think outside of the box
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

I eat ,drink and sleep tiny houses and have been for several years. I’ve seen some great ideas and some not so great ideas. I’ve seen tiny in in all shapes and sizes. Ive seen modern tiny with sleek lines and hippie tiny old school buses. I’ve seen funky tiny with tye dye curtains and peace signs, tiny cottages white washed with book cases all the way to the ceil and cabin tiny with wool flannel and dead animal heads on the wall. My tiny is really none of the above. Though I think they are cool and all, its really what I had in mind after all, my tiny is my home with dishes in my sink, the washer running, the tv blaring and little kids and animals running under my feet. It goes through phases of clean and messy several times a day , my tiny is home base, where we eat sleep, fight and snuggle….its Home

Lately as I troll the internet looking at tiny homes . Reading tiny house forums and discussions I’m beginning to see a trend. I’m seeing BIG dollar tiny houses with designer bathrooms and kitchens. People are hiring architects and some communities are even requiring the architects plans for their tiny home before they are even excepted. Tiny homes SO EXSPENSIVE  the people who see them believe they could NEVER in a million years afford to buy one. We are taught “what we NEED” but really WHAT DO WE NEED ? ” . I believe the vast majority of people who started this tiny house movement needed something very different . They needed freedom from a mortgage, they need freedom from ridiculous utility bills . They desired to leave a smaller foot print, to be more responsible for their environment and they were willing to walk away from the marble counter tops and in-ground pools to achieve it.

I can tell you some very basic facts. My butt takes up just as much room on the couch in my tiny house as it did in my 3 bedroom home. My king size bed sleeps just as good in my loft as it did in my GIGANTIC previous bedroom, my cloths wash the same in my bathroom, my refrigerator still keeps my food cold and I have yet to die without my walk in closet FULL of cloths I never wore. My light bill was 35 dollars this month and my house will be paid in just a little over a year. So those Fancy tiny house dwellers can keep thinking they NEED what they NEED mean while Ill be able to retire owning what have . No judgement here people , we can all be friends ! I’ll even send you postcard from all my vacations, now that’s what I need 🙂

Good night all ! See you all back here tomorrow  !