Tiny House On The Spectrum Mom And Author IN PERSON!!


The news, I do my level best not to watch it but its like one of those ridiculous series that are so shockingly offensive you just can’t seem to take your eyes off of it. I watch in suspense and disgust with my mouth hanging open barely blinking, shaking my head. Is this real ? Is this reality T.V ? Do we even know ? Five more years is all I need to get my tiny paid for and on a piece of property, all mine, no payment. I just need five stinking more years before the world looses its freaking mind. No I’m not a dooms dayer or survivalist .My original reason for buying a tiny house and wanting to be off grid was for financial security, piece of mind and to have a home to leave to Noah so I know he will always have a place to live. Seems like this tiny house may come in more handy than I had originally thought at this rate. At this point in time it seems I really have to look for the solids in my life.

Here are 10 things that I am absolutely sure of:

1.God is real
2.Nothing happens without his permission
3.The Earth is round
4.It is stinking cold tonight
5.Voice to txt is not the easiest way to write a blog
6.Chocolate is good
7.Coffee is necessary
8.Not everyone will love you
9. That might just be a blessing.
10.Tomorrow is not promised, so try to do what is RIGHT today.

AND the BONUS thing I am absolutely sure of is:

11 (Bonus) I am a honest but uniquely human mess and I’m ok with that ūüôā

I’m again thinking about being creative in my existence, thinking about how to live my best with the least Finances. My goal is to get my over all month to month cost of living down to 600 month and it is very doable in the long term in my situation but its taken a lot of planning. In all actuality there are millions of Americans doing this already, many living on even less, they are those living under the poverty guidelines. Just a bit of food for thought, a single mom of only one child working a minimum wage job brings home maybe 375. a week after taxes, she will pay 100-150 dollars a week in childcare and most government programs do not count childcare cost when determining eligibility so she can receive extra help. So she has to be away from her child, and then not be able to even provide for their basic needs with a 40 hour a week job. Think about it.. the minimum wage in my area is 11hr, the average rent is 800-1200 plus utilities a month… now imagine a single mom of 3. I am putting my money where my mouth is in realizing I need to learn HOW to do this and then show others, I’m on the right track… so face it the sooner we get off the consumerism train and jump on the train to independence in providing for ourselves through lowering our cost of living ,giving ourselves more freedom in choosing what defines the quality of our lives the better off we are all going to be both financially and the more stabile we will be as people, neighbors and communities. I don’t want to work 40 hours a week or more¬†for Armani, Gucci or 30¬† year mortgages. Instead I would rather invest that time and money back into¬† building up our families and our communities. That would mean as a collective whole we would have to thinking in terms “us” and not “me”. The bottom line, and we all know it is there is no Government or nonprofit agency that is going to do that for us. We ARE going to have to do it together. Sink or swim. So start saving, start doing and lets make this real. Its not utopian, this is the way people have been humaning for centuries. We grew our own food, we built our own homes and raised our own kids. Our advantage now¬†is we have better technology and understanding of how to do this in so many ways then we have had at¬†in anytime in history, Just google it if you don’t believe me ! I look forward to your ideas and feedback .

Thank¬†you all for sticking with me, I’m still on the mend so I’m not able to be here as much but I’m working hard to get back !

Night all !

Tiny Houses and Working Poor.

I’m just going to dive right into things tonight. Addressing the solutions and causes for poverty is something I am very passionate about. I hear so many different point of views and everyone definitely has an opinion about this very heated topic. As someone who has experienced both sides of the coin¬†I can relate to a lot of people. I think something that a lot of people don’t discuss is the working poor. What defines working poor ? I think working poor included a¬†large portion of individuals in¬†our country, a lot of them do not even know they are poor. Here is my definition of working poor : An individual who’s life would quickly come apart if 1. Their car broke down 2. They lost their job 3. They lost childcare 4. Suffered illness¬† 5. Missed work¬†. These people would quickly move¬†from working poor, paycheck to paycheck to homeless and living in extreme poverty because they lack the ability to save money, build on their skills through education, find resources or more often are not¬†eligible for many resources because they fall just¬†a few dollars¬†over the income limits. They lack credit because any different combination of events can cause them to fall behind on their bills¬†. They have little ability to build a safety¬†net.¬†I am keenly aware of the struggles of this demographic as I drove my 13 year old car through a snow storm on quarter tred tires tonight, all the way home I worried. What if I crashed and totaled my car. What if I got hurt. Any of those things would severely impact our lives. Either of those situations could cause us to loose everything. I’m always aware that we are living right on the edge. ITs scary. Being here in this place also keeps me thinking, I can I change this for us, how can I change this for others like myself ?¬† It always brings me back to the tiny house and the tiny house community. Attainable home ownership (not a 30 year mortgage )would be a game change for so many people.¬†I feel fortune that I have a chance, that if I can keep my old car running for just one more year without car payments I can pay this house off in just 18 more months. I have hope even though I have fear and it drives me to work harder. ¬†It would be harder to be in this place paying rent with no end in sight. If I can get through this year, then I can buy land¬†and¬†build another tiny house and then another and the people who buy them can do the same, together we could change a lot for a lot of people. The working poor don’t need or even want a hand out, they need a break just to get over that hump. Share this vision with me, anyone can make a difference, big or small. Look forward to hearing from you.


Good Night Folks

Florida We Are Praying For You !!

As Hurricane Michael looms over Florida tonight we watch knowing that at this point that’s all we can do is watch, watch and pray. Florida and Maine have a special connection, most everyone in Maine has family in Florida. Florida is where us Maina’s retire. They laugh and joke about throwing oranges at us when they are down there snug as a bug in the winter . If we are lucky we will get a case of oranges for Christmas. Now I sit here on my hands watching the future of thousands unfold on CNN. Please if you will, be praying with me tonight for those in the path of this storm.

Well with that said, I did miss you all last night. I was done with all my work and finally getting ready to settle in and write to you all. Went in to change into my sweat pants, looked down in the process and saw a bull’s-eye on my inner thigh, TICK !!!! I called¬†and txted everyone I could think of to come watch Noah and¬†could not reach anyone ! I was¬†kind of scared, my dad almost died from a tick bite last year. As I had finally given up I¬†sat on the porch and headlights turned the corner into my yard, you guessed it Jay saved the day AGAIN.¬†Its kind of like God appointed us our own guardian angel. Some day I will be able to pay him back for everything he’s done for us but until then I will keep feeding him and make him coffee. After a few hours at the hospital and chatting with some of the¬†staff I was invited to¬†do a training with them around autism and¬†how ER¬†staff can best support families. SCORE !

We have done SO much the last few days ! Our tiny little house is slowly transforming before our eyes. We reached two big milestones first I FINALLY FIGURED OUT THE A SOLUTION TO THE STAIR PROBLEM. OF course it meant cutting another hole in the floor of the loft but I AM¬†VERY HAPPY with the results¬†though it did not come without a whole bunch of unforeseen challenges. The first thing I needed to do is to fill in the first hole, so I could move my mattress over and make way for the new hole which led to the first problem. Now I had no way to get up into the loft. So I devised a plan. I pulled out the ladder that was still hinged under the loft and set the feet up on my coffee table so that it resembled more a leaning bridge than a ladder. I climbed up the coffee table and across the ladder and hurdled myself up over the side of the loft. Sitting in the loft I congratulated myself for my ingenuity until I looked down and realized Noah had moved the coffee¬†table¬†. I was now stuck in the loft, luckily I had the accidental¬†foresight to had stuck my phone in my back pocket. I sat there for nearly and hour watching Noah torture the cat and eat copious amounts of cheese and¬†raw hot dogs while waiting for someone to rescue me. In the end I finally dangled off the side and dropped onto the floor. After 3 trips to the hardware store for jigsaw blades I finally gave in and borrowed Jays jigsaw and was able to cut the hole in the floor. SO now my ladder is moved and the floor is done in Noah’s Loft. This weekend my plan is to get railings built for Noah’s loft and get him moved in and to build a new ladder for my loft as the other one is too wide. I’m no carpenter that’s for sure BUT this tiny house is happening !!!

Side note, as I said before my reason for this blog is to be a platform to start a tiny house community as pathway to home ownership to those who might not otherwise be able to ever own their own homes, I also have made it my business to join the war against poverty and to build awareness around the daily lives of families who experience autism. I share a lot that others might not feel comfortable sharing. I think is important to give real insight into these important topics so people can truly empower and be empowered to make a difference. If your are following our story please support us in sharing, commenting and following us.

Thank you all for stopping by ! I will see you all back here tomorrow night (I hope) Good Night all ūüôā