The Secret Part 2

Its been a few days since I posted. Partly because I’ve been really struggling with mouse shoulder and partly because I’ve been feeling a bit blah. I know imagine feeling blah this time the year ? Its a weird blah that comes with getting up and going to work in the dark, working in an office all day and then coming home in the dark. DARK, DARK, DARK !!! BLAH !! But then I see the Christmas lights and feel the blah lifting a bit. Noah and I take different way home from day care every night just so we can see all the lights , I love to hear him squeal in the back seat “MOM ! MOTHER, MOTHER, LOOK AT THAT ONE !!!” I could just drive around with him all night. Then we get home and that’s when I realize my porch light is blown again. I’ve realized this every night for almost two weeks but still have not remembered to buy a new light. WE get out of the warm car and I fumble around on the freezing cold porch trying to find my key, Noah swinging from my coat ,Josiah on the other side of the door “MEEEEEEEOOOOOW” and there’s that blah again.  Finally in Noah races for the remote and I race to the fridge to find the easiest thing I can find to make for supper. Corn dogs was the cuisine of the night tonight. So much for my dedication to one ingredient foods, organic, white free…. my solemn vow to eat healthier just went right out the window with a little bit of blah . What is that you say ? Secret ? Oh my YES ! The SECRET ! Get ready for this !! Last Saturday I went on the very first date I have been on in 3 years !!! How did it go ? Well it was wonderful !! We had Thai food, went for a walk and found some beauty in the out doors, the sun on our faces, full bellies and great conversation. Super nice guy ! AND he even called me back ! I’m telling you folks I told him the whole truth !! And he still called me back, I even told him there were possibilities of meltdowns and biting, I didn’t even specify if it would be Noah or I delivering and he has talked to me every day since the date. I think I might be on to something here. Even if nothing comes of it, I am sure he will continue to be my friend. Us renewable energy, cool idea, tiny house loving people have a tendency to stick together. You know I think there was one thing about the date that I didn’t like, after being alone for so long at night when the house is quiet I am now keenly aware of that aloneness. So what is a girl to do ? BLah ? I could just not date and sink back into my hermit hole or I could get my big girls pants on be okay with a bit of this kind of humaning messy feelngs stuff. Well enough of that for now . Speaking of tiny house people, Jay is almost done with the next tiny house !! I am hoping to have pictures for you all soon see !

Have a great in blah evening folks !!!