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10 thoughts on “Guest Book”

  1. Hi – thanks for following my page. Your blog seems very interesting and I’m excited to read about your tiny house experience. I’m not sure if you saw but my husband and I recently stayed 2 nights in a tiny house on a mini vacation and loved it. Unfortunately in Pennsylvania tiny houses are not allowed as permanent residences due to zoning and building codes. I hope in years to come that changes so that we could consider living in one as well!


  2. Wow! I am inspired. It was clearly a sign for me to take the time to connect with you, when we stood in line together to show our respect for our dear friend. We have so much in common, I look forward to learning all you have to share with living tiny.


  3. Good Morning Becky,

    While doing my devotions this morning, I felt led to share this… a song.
    Not only for adults I thought, for Noah also…sing and pray it over him and yourself.
    You are well prayed for and thought of.

    God Bless,
    A Brother in Christ


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