Reviews Wanted !!

Hello everyone ! This is my 5th month of the Tiny House On the Spectrum blog. I really honestly have no idea what I am doing BUT I am doing it ! I would love some reviews and honest critiques of my blog. Also feel free to leave a link to your blog (if you have one) I would love to see what you are all doing ❤


6 thoughts on “Reviews Wanted !!”

  1. Hi I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I would love for you to do a post for those of us considering tiny house living someday as far as the biggest challenges/what you didn’t know about tiny house living until you started doing it.


  2. ^^I’ll second the above. That is a great suggestion.

    Alas, a bit of a cautionary note: just don’t “sell out” for the sake of popularity. I did that on my Xanga blog back in the day (when Xanga was still a thing) and I totally lost my sense of self in the process. What I gained in following I lost in purpose.

    Whether you have 40 followers or 40,000 just remember that. Blogging should be something you enjoy doing. Just be yourself.


  3. I think you’ve got an amazing start! My main critique is more with Twitter than the blog itself. I would love to see more of a hook/description from your Twitter shares so I have a better idea of what your blog post is about before I open it. Perhaps even just more descriptive blog post titles?

    Anyway, keep at it!

    Diane from


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