Tiny In My Tiny House

Feeling small in this tiny house, feeling unsure, antsy with so many things unfinished in my life but feeling powerless to finish them.  This shoulder injury is really got a hold on me, my first instinct is to push through it but that is what got me here in this position to begin with.  So I’m here, trying to heal, trying to be patient and listen to God in this place. I’m trying to be understanding and forgiving. I’m  looking hard for the gifts in this. Lack of sleep has made it even fuzzier. I pray and pray. Pray that somehow God will touch my lips and help the words that I speak be understood. Misunderstandings, misinterpretations seem to run amuck in times of adversity. Humaning in this Tiny house, there is no place to hide. Time to walk the talk and do it anyway. Inspite of this we are still here, though I’m not sure where my house payment and bill money will come from next month as I am unable to work, we have it this month. We are still loved, we still had a beautiful Christmas with family and friends. I haven’t failed, not yet anyway. I really just wanted to stop by and let you all know that I am thinking of you and miss you all. Please don’t give up on Tiny House On The Spectrum, we are still here fighting for the dream. I will be back to blogging daily as before hopefully soon. Until then I will post when I am able.  Thank you ALL

Good Night Folks

6 thoughts on “Tiny In My Tiny House”

  1. Hey there. From another Tiny house, single mom… Just breathe. I know it seems off but in the worst times I go do something for someone else. Those good vibrations will bounce back to you, maybe from somewhere you dont expect. Practical suggestion..maybe come up with an item to sell on your blog? Best of luck!


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